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Caylor Solutions is an Indianapolis based marketing agency working with colleges, universities, K-12, and education organizations to improve communication, enrollment and development efforts through strategic brand, marketing, websites, print and digital executions. Learn about how we leverage our expertise for your marketing goals.

We Are Different

We are a different kind of agency. With a network of high-end professionals who have worked together on turn-key websites to complex printed collateral, Caylor Solutions puts together specialized teams to create custom answers to your marketing challenges. Learn more about our virtual philosophy and style.

Results Focused

While our work has garnered acclaim such as the CASE Circle of Excellence, Webby Awards, and mentioned in publications such as the Chronicle and U.S. News & World Report, we measure our success project-by-project on the results our work provided for our client's success. From our first conversation, we are focused on delivering quality work that will affect your organization's goals. Take a look at some of our education case studies.

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Hierarchy in Web Design: The Art and Science of Being Unforgettable

There's one fundamental goal to every digital marketing campaign—be unforgettable (in a good way). In this post, discover how user interface (UI) design hierarchy helps keep your college or university's brand top-of-mind, when used properly.
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evergreen content

Why Your College Website Should Have Evergreen Content

You know that posting fresh, new content often is essential to keep your site high in search engine rankings and bring back your audience for multiple visits. But you also need to create evergreen content for your college website. Here's why.
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The 5 Toughest Challenges of Your Higher Ed Blog

You already know you should be posting to your college or university's blog frequently – but why is it so hard to be consistent with your blog? Here are the 5 toughest problems you'll face with your blog and how to overcome them.
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unique selling proposition

Your Biggest Competitive Advantage as a Small College or University

Your biggest competitive advantage as a small college or university is you. Here's why so many small colleges are missing their greatest opportunity to hit their admissions goals – and how you can avoid the same mistakes.
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5 Strategic Questions Every Higher Ed Marketer Should Ask Before Investing in Pay-Per-Click

Pay-per-click ads do work… when done right and for the right strategic reasons. Here are 5 questions every higher education marketer should ask themselves to determine if they're ready to jump into search engine marketing.
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search engine marketing

Should Higher Ed Marketers use Search Engine Marketing in their Digital Marketing Strategy?

It's easy to see why for-profit companies would want to invest in search engine marketing. But what is it, and should higher education marketers invest institutional time and resources into it?
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SEO Basics for Higher Education Marketers

When it comes to higher education marketing, there are fewer things more shrouded in mystery than SEO (search engine optimization). In this post, I want to pull away the curtain and show you how SEO for higher education marketers really works.
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website navigation

Should you Organize your Higher Education Website by Audience or Department?

The goal behind higher education website navigation is simple: make finding answers as natural as possible for the user. But is the best way to do that by organizing your website by department or by audience?
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“We had an amazing team working together this year and that includes you and all your work on our web site. With 11% increase in our traditional freshman enrollment representing over 17 states, we are thrilled! Thank you!”

Luann Brames, Director of Freshmen Admission, Marian University

Case Studies

ABHE Website & Consulting

Association for Biblical Higher Education website and digital strategy.

Franklin College Website

Enrollment-driven site based upon brand study findings.

Sterling College Website

Enrollment Driven Website Solution for Small College

NACCAP Website

Multiple sites and integrations to address processes and management issues.

Independent Colleges of Indiana Website

Redevelopment of the Independent Colleges of Indiana's website and digital presence.

Lumina Foundation for Education

Over ten years partnership with the Lumina Foundation in digital, strategic, brand, and print deliverables.

Marian University Website

Record 11% enrollment growth from a strategically redesigned website.

OnWord Alumni Magazine

Alumni magazine redesign and template production.

Huntington University Analytics

Strategic review and audit of current websites to reveal navigation issues and patterns of users finding next steps