Content Marketing Explained: The Canary Cottage Cafe 1952

A postcard from 1952 has helped me communicate the essence of content marketing to my clients. Will you dare to go against the current in your own marketing?

When I was eight, my great uncle Ralph gave me his collection of travel postcards. During the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, he and my great aunt Dot traveled across the United States by car. I have enjoyed these cards and the window of time they represent.

These cards were used to market the businesses and locations to a growing consumer base. Most of the postcards showed color photos of the modern motels and travel stops. They are promotional works of art.

I found one that did more.

The Canary Cottage Cafe from Oskaloosa, Iowa is different from the others. Most of the postcards only show off the location and list the features or facts. Canary Cottage Cafe has information as well:

  • Information: Location
    207 High Avenue East, in Oskaloosa, Iowa.
  • Information: Hours
    “Breakfast, lunch and dinner served, except Monday. Closed the first two weeks of August.”
  • Information: Directions
    “Turn off U.S. 63 and State Highway 92 at Green’s Ford Garage and go one block south and one-half block west.”

But the Canary Cottage Cafe has more. It has content marketing.

While others provided the usual promotion, Canary Cottage Cafe added extra content.  They provided a recipe for their chocolate fudge cake and fudge frosting.

  • Content Marketing: The added content was useful.
  • Content Marketing: The content was unique–something only available from the Canary Cottage Cafe.
  • Content Marketing: It was memorable, designed to create an emotional tie to the restaurant.
  • Content Marketing: It was “evergreen” – it would never become out of date or worthless.
  • Content Marketing: The content was valuable. The cards were certainly kept and referenced.

Most postcards were valued for the message on the back. The Canary Cottage Cafe postcards had intrinsic value from the fact they were helpful. They had valuable content.

Do you use your content to show the “me too” facts about your organization or help your prospects?

Are you more Dale Carnegie or Mad Men when it comes to engaging your prospects?

Canary Cottage Cafe did phenomenal content marketing in 1952. Their chocolate fudge cake recipe took extra effort and a risk, but paid off. We are still talking about their content marketing even while they are gone, replaced by the Office Center.

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