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The Higher Ed Marketer Podcast

The Higher Ed Marketer is centered around marketing professionals in the field of higher education. If you’re looking for real, practical advice on how to level up your marketing game, this is the show for you.

Each episode features conversations with some of the best and brightest marketing minds in higher education, discussing the future of marketing, new technologies, and so much more.

The Higher Ed Marketer

Free Content:


Guide to Website Redesign Planning
An ebook to assist for a website redesign containing 10 best practices to impact enrollment.

 #Hashtags: Your Social Media Secret Weapon
An ebook to assist with how to best utilize hashtags in your social media marketing.

 Writing for the Web: 7 Secrets to Content Marketing Success for Education Marketers
An ebook containing best practices and tips from the pros for writing for the web.

 Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
An ebook containing powerful, proven marketing strategies that cost little to nothing so you can excel in your marketing with money to spare.

 25 Ideas for Great Admissions Content
Content ideas to drive behavior and next steps on your enrollment website.

Virtual Campus Tour Tools

The following tools are part of the Virtual Campus Tour webinar (available soon for on demand download). We have personally purchased, tested, and used all of these recommendations.


Ricoh Theta V 360 Camera Great to use for Google Maps (works as an approved camera to upload directly to Google Maps Street View). One of the best tools that includes both photo and video capabilities, as well as wireless streaming opportunities for virtual campus tours. Get your Ricoh Theta V Camera here.

 Mevo Live Broadcast Camera Will provide options to allow you to create a full live broadcast with multiple “virtual cameras” that can be controlled via mobile device. Excellent choice for forums, live events that you want to broadcast to Facebook Live or YouTube Live. Mevo can be found here at Amazon.

  Logitech Brio 4K WebCam Great webcam for webinars, face-to-face Zoom meetings, and other aspects of virtual admissions. The Brio can be purchase here.


 Blue Yeti Microphone The Blue Yeti is a professional quality USB microphone to take your webinars and Zoom video calls to the next level for virtual admissions. Also consider utilizing BombBomb for personalized video emails. Get the Blue Yeti Microphone here.

  Lavalier Microphone Lav mic to use with the Theta camera or smart phone to bring a level of professional audio quality for the tours. Purchase your lavalier microphone here.

 Tripod/Selfie Stick Tripod that also operates as a selfie stick. Works with all cameras above, as well as option for mounting smart cameras. Grab a selfie stick tripod here.

 Smooth Q2 Camera Stabilizer  Zhiyun Smooth Q2 is a compact smartphone gimbal stabilizer packed with versatile functions including Vertigo shots, Vortex shots and POV shots.