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Ebook: Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

As a private education marketer, you know what it’s like to do more with less. You’re under constant demand to produce higher volumes of quality leads for the enrollment department while decreasing your dollars spent. It’s stressful, frustrating, and downright overwhelming – how can you do your job with so little?

The Purpose of This Ebook

In this ebook, I share some powerful, proven marketing strategies that cost little to nothing so you can excel in your marketing with money to spare. Truth is, in a digital marketing world you don’t need a Coca-Cola sized budget to generate more leads for your enrollment department. Not only have marketing tools become more accessible, but the way your audience wants to be reached has changed, too.

In the pages of this ebook, we’ll walk through digital marketing strategies – proven techniques that we’ve seen work for many of our clients – to reach your marketing goals on a shoestring budget.

Don’t have the budget for expensive ads on television? You don’t need it. We’ll show you why.

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