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40 Ideas for Irresistible Lead Generation Content


Viable lead generation content is an essential component of your school’s enrollment marketing strategy.

Prospective students who follow social media or SEO breadcrumbs to one of your landing pages are looking for answers, and it should be your marketing team’s top priority to oblige.

You should have a healthy supply of open content on the front end of your website to attract leads and help them with their basic inquiries.

However, your content marketing needs to give people a reason to want to investigate further and bite on that “RMI” hook. So you should pique their interest by using gated content as the bait.

Think of gated lead generation content as secret sauces that can help “level up” prospective students on their higher ed journey. If they pay a simple price for entry, like giving their contact information, you’ll grant them access to these invaluable resources.

You don’t have to pull out all the stops to give your leads the ultimate return on their investment. Your content could be as simple as a college career quiz, like the one we helped create for Anderson University.

What’s important is that prospective students believe your lead generation content provides them with legitimate value.

Only after you establish your authority on their specific needs will they be willing to reciprocate that trust and build a relationship with your school.

That said, many higher ed marketing teams have enough on their plate. So I’ve pulled together a healthy list of practical lead generation content ideas you can start on today!

Lead Generation Content Categories

The best part about lead generation content is you have several workable options available to you. Here are some types I’ve seen provide positive returns for many of the schools I’ve worked with:

  • Case studies
  • Ebooks
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes
  • Templates
  • Webinars

Remember, this content aims to isolate your most substantial leads and usher them to the next step of the enrollment funnel: application. So utilize lead generation content that you believe will speak to the types of students you want.

Case Studies

Case studies are impactful pieces that showcase authentic examples of your student success stories, and I highly recommend you include them in your front-end content.

However, there are still selective opportunities to grab a lead’s attention with genuine empathic storytelling:

1. “The Benefits of an X Degree: A Real-Life Story”
2. “A Diverse Community: A Student’s Story”
3. “How I Earned My Online Degree While Working Full-Time”
4. “Why Our Alumni Keep Coming Back for More”
5. “A Comeback Story: How a Campus Embraced a Struggling Student”
6. “How ‘Student X’ Solved X With Their Research Breakthrough”


Ebooks are a great way to summarize much of the content you’ve curated on the front end of your content marketing strategy into one convenient place.

You can use them to offer leads a one-stop shop for many of the answers they’re looking for rather than jumping around from page to page on your website. I provide a similar service at Caylor Solutions, like my Marketing on a Shoestring Budget ebook.

Here are some handy ebook ideas for lead generation content:

7. “The Must-Have Budgeting Guide for College Students”
8. “A Beginner’s Guide to Online Learning”
9. “5 Practical Study Habits for College”
10. “How to Keep Your Work-Life-School Balance Balanced!”
11. “Campus Life: What You Can Expect as a Dorm Resident”
12. “10 Online Tools You Should Use in College for 20XX”


Infographics are often companion pieces to other types of lead generation content. However, if you have fully fleshed-out visual content at your disposal, then by all means, put it to work!

Infographics are a great way to simplify complicated data and make it easily digestible for inquiring prospects with appealing illustrations. So consider partnering the appropriate visual content with one of these topics:

13. “A Visual Guide for a Healthy College Lifestyle”
14. “Breaking Down College Majors and Careers”
15. “Small Versus Large Schools: What Size Fits You?”
16. “The Science Behind Study Habits”
17. “Top 10 Points to Consider When Picking a School”
18. “Essay Writing: What Matters and What Doesn’t”
19. “Getting the Most Out of Online Study Resources”


Quizzes are such a flexible tool. Of course, you can apply them in the classic sense to give prospective students feedback on their competency levels.

Or you can quiz them on college lifestyle, degree programs, and financial aid. The possibilities are limitless.

And hopefully, it goes without saying that these quizzes should be fun and engaging, not rigid tests like the ones your prospects will take in the classroom:

20. “Think You Know Everything About Financial Aid? Find Out Here!”
21. “What’s Your College Study Vibe?”
22. “Which Majors Match Your Personality Type?”
23. “Curious Which Student Club is Right for You? Take the Quiz!”
24. “Think You’ve Got an A+ Budget? Let’s See if You Make the Grade!”
25. “Want to Study Abroad? This Quiz Will Help You Find Your Dream Spot!”
26. “What You Need for Your Dorm Room and What You Don’t!”


Whether for financial aid requests or job resume prep, templates can save your leads tremendous time and energy.

By offering templates for areas like academic endeavors, career advancement, and financial planning, you can showcase your school’s willingness to invest in its students’ success at every level:

27. “7 Resume Templates for Soon-To-Be Graduates”
28. “Write a Winning Scholarship Essay With This Template”
29. “Your 20XX College Budget Template”
30. “Your 10-Step Guide to an A+ Research Paper”
31. “Build Your First-Year Fitness Plan With This Tool”
32. “A Time Management Calendar for Students on the Go”


Webinars are interactive virtual gatherings that allow prospective students and parents to learn more about your school’s brand and offerings through live engagement.

They’re an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your school’s faculty, programs, and facilities in a dynamic setting.

Your school can use them in your lead generation content strategy by promising a seat in one of these exclusive webinars to any prospect who provides the appropriate information:

33. “5 Tips for Parents on Navigating Financial Aid”
34. “Career Planning for 20XX First-Years”
35. “Online Learning: Is it Right for Me?”
36. “Undeclared: What’s Next for the Indecisive Student?”
37. “Getting the Most Out of the College Life”
38. “Mastering Your Mental Health: Why it Matters to Students”
39. “10 Tips and Tricks to Surviving Your First Year”

Make Your Lead Generation Content Into an Offer Students Can’t Refuse

This diverse lineup should give you and your marketing team a solid foundation for getting lead generation content rolling in your enrollment marketing strategy.

First and foremost, ensure your content provides value to your prospective students.

Always tailor content from your target audience’s point of view, and ask yourself, “Is this answering their questions?”

Of course, brainstorming content is one thing. Getting it off the ground can be another matter altogether.

40. So here’s my final tip! Check out the resources on our Tools page that can help provide clarity on your content marketing strategy, or contact us! I’d love to meet with you and explore the infinite possibilities in lead generation content together.

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