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July 3

Data for Web & Social Media for Higher Education


We recently came across a set of new data from the Uversity and Chegg student survey. The complete deck can be downloaded directly from the Uversity site, but we thought a quick overview in the form of an infographic would be helpful to illustrate the data for web and social media for higher education.

Notes to Consider for your Higher Ed Web Strategy:

Your website is your number one doorway for prospective students to understand your institution. Be sure that it is ready. Take a look at our helpful 25 point checklist for your website strategy.


According to the research, nearly all of your prospective students are viewing your website on a mobile device. Is your site responsive to address the need to view the content on a small screen? If not, this should be your main priority this year.

Fresh Content

The research shows that the content is critical. In addition to providing your prospective students and parents with relevant information, you should also consider that Google and other search engines are now interested more in content than they are keywords. Produce regular, relevant content on a weekly basis to assure high rankings and engaged visitors.

Ease of Use?

If your site is not organized with enrollment in mind, you may be frustrating your prospective students. Be sure to make it easy to navigate and easy to find the information. Be sure that your brand benefits are clearly reflected in all aspects of your website.

Notes to Consider for your Social Media for Higher Education

Social media has matured. You need to be providing much more than just a machine for press releases and calendar updates. Consider some best practices from our post “Back to the Future Quotes to Inspire Your Inbound Marketing.”

Answering Questions?

Every student comes to a relationship to consider your institution by seeking answers to their questions; “Does this college have a program in the major I am considering?” “What are the dorms like?” “What does it cost?” Be sure that you are considering these questions and provide regular updates and links from your social media channels.

Relevant Content?

As mentioned above, be sure your content is relevant to your audience. If you don’t already have separate social media channels just for enrollment and admissions, consider a strategy to set that up and begin providing relevant and useful information that these students are seeking.


Conversation. Engagement. Consideration. Be sure to use your social media channels to develop relationships. Be helpful. Put yourself in the shoes of your prospective students and parents and develop authentic relationships.

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