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You Are Unique

Every campus in higher education has a unique story. While it is easy to see yourself as one of many, every campus and every institution has its own offering, a specific benefit, and something that will cause the like- minded to gravitate to you when you share that compelling message. Spend time to discover what your brand really is all about and present it out loud and clearly on your site.

Have Others Tell Your Story

In addition to writing about your story, be sure to use others to tell the story. Have students, alumni, friends, faculty, and parents give their testimonies to how you are unique. Have them share their personal experiences of how your institution impacted them. Use photos, vignettes, videos, blogs, comments, and other social aspects to get the message across.

Use Humans & Emotion

You are ultimately selling an education made up of human experience and emotion. You are not selling buildings and fall foliage. Be sure that all of your photos, copy tone, videos, and design styles underscore and emphasize that unique brand aspect. Use of “Hero Spots” on the home page and landing pages will assist in providing small billboards to communicate your brand clearly.


Discover your unique selling proposition and brand to differentiate your site. Use testimonials from various constituent groups in creative ways. Use emotion and the human touch to demonstrate your brand story.


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