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May 17

Infographic for Inbound Marketing for Higher Education


Inbound Marketing for Higher Education Supplements Your Marketing

Traditional forms of marketing are and will continue to be needed in the enrollment process. Direct mail, print, and utilizing traditional search techniques will continue to be needed. However, more and more students are doing their own search: looking for schools with desired majors, activities, locations, etc.  With more and more students and parents becoming stealth inquiries and applicants, better ways of handling the marketing efforts need to be found.

One of the best ways to provide information and build relationships with these stealth students is to establish a rich inbound marketing program. Inbound marketing for higher education includes assuring that the students who are coming from your sources (i.e. search engines, your pay-per-click advertising, social media, and other digital properties) find attractive content and offers to engage deeper with your institution.

Once they have provided permission through trading their basic content information for the desired content, you may then put them into your marketing flow, recognizing them as a segmented population. This will be done through marketing automation, including email, texting, and retargeting campaigns.

Tools for Inbound Marketing

Caylor Solutions has done a review of several inbound marketing and lead generation tools. While this post will not provide the details of our review, here are some to consider as you investigate options to supplement your enrollment marketing toolkit (descriptions are pulled from the tool’s website):

One of the lading inbound marketing software platforms that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Simple to use, lower cost of entry with education case-studies.

Provides easy and powerful marketing automation software with everything a marketer needs: email, social, analytics, lead management, and more.

Right-On Interactive
Customer-lifecycle tracking and management with lead-scoring. Marketing automation tool to flow with students from prospective through donor relation.

All-in-one sales and marketing automation software for small businesses that combines CRM, email marketing and e-commerce.

Easy-to-use marketing automation helps you get more done – email, lead generation, social media, analytics – with less time and effort.

No-hassle B2B  marketing automation. Gain greater insight into ROI, increase marketing accountability, and more.

Transform the way you approach sales and marketing with Eloqua’s leading marketing automation and revenue performance management solution. (Oracle)

Caylor Solutions has put together a “mash-up” of software-as-a-service tools that are a fraction of the cost of the other marketing automation tools. These tools provide the same functionality but without the overhead.

Need Help Figuring it All Out?

Caylor Solutions has been successfully assisting our clients with navigating their needs and creating strategies and plans for inbound marketing.

Contact us today to set up a time to discuss your needs and find the system best for you to begin converting more of your stealth inquiries deeper into your funnel.

Looking for Enrollment Marketing Content that Works?

You’re in luck! We’ve curated 25 awesome ideas inspired by top higher ed institutions across the country and put them in one handy guide: 25 Ideas for Great Admissions Content.

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