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May 6

Enhance Your Outreach with Video Translation


I don’t speak German, and I don’t speak Spanish, but according to this video I do! A few months ago I decided to test out a video translation tool called HeyGen by ElevenLabs. 

HeyGen takes videos in any language and translates them into the language of your choice while maintaining the speaker’s original voice and syncing the lip movements accurately. 

It can translate videos into 40+ languages, and fine-tunes translations with a proofreading tool.

The service also offers multi-speaker recognition and over 300 voice options, allowing for a broad and adaptable usage across different content types. You can try the service for free to test its capabilities. 

In fact, I recommend you do. Because the responses I got to this video were exciting! 

I asked a few native speakers what they thought. All of them agreed that while the sentence structure could use some help, they could clearly understand what I was trying to say. 

Beyond good translation, the AI tool synced my lips up to the words, and even the accent was correct! 

Brian Piper, the Director of Content Strategy and Assessment at University of Rochester, said: 

It does a great job with the lip-matching and the voice sounds very convincing. Two weeks ago, I wouldn’t know it wasn’t you speaking either of those languages natively.

This tool, which will only get better as technology progresses, could make it easier for institutions to reach mission-fit students

Let’s dive into the advantages and challenges of the technology. 

Both Sides of the HeyGen Coin


HeyGen’s capability to produce videos with synchronized lip movements and authentic voice translations allows speakers to reach a global audience without losing the personal touch of their message. 

This feature is particularly impactful in scenarios where direct communication from leadership—such as university presidents or department heads—is essential to connect with prospective students and their families.

When leaders take the time to address students personally, it adds a personal touch, making your institution appear more attentive to individual needs.

Also, seeing executive leaders actively participating in communication builds trust. 

In a competitive educational landscape, this personal touch can significantly differentiate you from other education brands

For first-generation students or those from backgrounds where higher education is not the norm, such outreach can offer reassurance and make the college experience seem more accessible.


Despite its impressive features, HeyGen is not without its limitations.

Feedback from native speakers highlights some concerns, particularly with sentence structures that, while understandable, occasionally deviate from native fluency. 

For instance, while my colleagues affirmed the accuracy of the Spanish translation, the German version had minor inconsistencies that might distract the intended audience. 

These nuances serve as a reminder that while HeyGen offers significant advancements in communication technology, it should be viewed as an augmentative tool rather than a standalone solution. 

Integrating HeyGen into a broader communication strategy can enhance outreach efforts, in multilingual contexts, but it shouldn’t be relied upon as the sole method of interaction. 

Employing HeyGen effectively involves using it to strengthen existing channels and enrich the engagement process. The technology should support and enhance traditional methods rather than attempting to supplant them.

Harnessing HeyGen in Higher Education Marketing

In the face of the looming enrollment cliff, educational institutions are increasingly seeking innovative ways to reach potential students and expand their demographic horizons. 

Video language translation technology, like HeyGen, offers a powerful solution. 

By breaking down language barriers and allowing schools to communicate directly with prospective students, this broadens the reach of the institution’s marketing efforts and deepens the engagement by presenting information in a culturally resonant and accessible manner.

With tools like HeyGen, schools can target mission-fit students within their diverse communities that were previously unreachable due to language constraints.

This technology will help mitigate the effects of the enrollment cliff by tapping into new student populations. 

Spanish-speaking parents of first-generation students—a key demographic that is often underrepresented in higher education marketing strategies—are more involved in their children’s’ educational decisions. 

By providing reassurance and building trust with the parents of these prospective students, you quickly make your institution their go-to recommendation. 

As universities strive to diversify their student bodies, the ability to communicate in the prospective students’ mother tongues could significantly enhance the effectiveness of their outreach programs.

Remember, your goal as a marketing department for your institution is to find your mission-fit students and speak to them where they are. Imagine how powerful that outreach could be if it was in their language.

As a final reminder: Universities should clearly identify these videos as computer-generated translations to avoid any potential misunderstandings while demonstrating their commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

What Videos Should You Translate? 

There are several key videos that many universities use which would be key targets for video translation. 

Here are some suggestions: 

  • Welcome Message from the University President or Chancellor
  • Departmental Introductions
  • Campus Tours
  • Student Testimonials
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Information
  • Admission Process Guides (including requirements, deadlines, and tips)
  • Academic Programs and Courses Overview
  • Extracurricular Opportunities and Clubs
  • Campus Safety Measures and Emergency Procedures

If you have any of these videos created, translating them into the languages of potential students will significantly ease their enrollment process and help them gain trust in your institution.

A Step Towards Inclusive Communication

Generation Z, known for its diversity and inclusivity, values seeing these principles reflected in the institutions they choose to engage with. 

This generation, more than any before, comes from a variety of cultural backgrounds and speaks multiple languages. 

They expect their educational environments to not only acknowledge but actively celebrate this diversity. 

By leveraging translation videos, universities can effectively communicate that they are open to diversity and are proactively making their campuses accessible to all.

Such initiatives strengthen the bond with current Gen Z students as well. 

It reinforces their decision to choose an institution that aligns with their values. 

Seeing their institution actively supporting and celebrating diversity through accessible, inclusive communication reaffirms their choice and encourages a deeper engagement with the university’s community.

If you need help marketing your unique programs to catch the attention of your mission-fit student, or have questions on how to better integrate AI into your marketing workflows, let’s chat

We help you create effective marketing strategies that get your institution the attention it deserves.

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