I recently came across an article entitled 4 Ways Financial Services Firms Can Use Data in Visual Content Marketing and thought that it could simply be tailored to fit the needs of education clients who need to present the same data regarding tuition, financial aid, etc. Here is an adaptation:

1. Infographics

Infographics can present data in a visual and compelling way; they provide a template to take a user deeper if they so desire, and provide instant context for the data. In addition, an infographic can allow a user context and comparison.

2. White Papers/Ebooks

While a white paper doesn’t necessarily fit into the education marketing mix, I suggest that an ebook has the perfect fit. Prospective students and parents are looking to find more information about college-affordability. We suggest leveraging the ebook as a downloadable PDF that would include “10 Ways to Pay for College” and leverage social engine marketing to bring users to your college site.

3. Video

I love how this video from Williams College is put together. It has all the right elements: Interest, simplicity, graphics, stats. Very well done!

4. Social Media Images

Be sure to use the graphics and content and syndicate it across your social media channels. Infographics, especially, can be used in the most popular areas for your prospective students and parents (think Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest).

5. Charts and Graphs

Use dynamic, or even static, charts and graphics to show key elements about your particular financial aid offerings. You could show a prospective student and parent that your typical student is not paying the full tuition listed on your website. This might be a quicker way to see the potential prior to the Net Price Calculator. The idea is to keep them from passing your school up based upon sticker-shock.

How are you presenting your financial aid data? Leave a comment below!

Image by fancycrave1 via Pixabay

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