August 21

5 Reasons You Should Be Using a Capital Campaign Microsite


by | Aug 21, 2023 | Featured, Strategies

With all the things you’ve got to do for your next campaign, the last thing you may want to do is create a capital campaign microsite. But you definitely should!

Capital campaign microsites are one of those projects that fits in the “ideal” category when you’re about to launch a major fundraising endeavor. 

Yet with all of the work, time, and expense necessary to create one, capital campaign microsites can get overlooked. 

However, there are really good reasons why you should be using a capital campaign microsite for every major campaign your school is conducting. 

But first, let’s define what a microsite is exactly.

What is a capital campaign microsite?

A microsite is an auxiliary website that functions independently from your primary website and is accessed through a different URL address. 

It provides an opportunity to showcase specific content, engage with target audiences on a more focused level, and create a unique digital experience that complements your main online presence.

In this case, a capital campaign microsite showcases all the content necessary for a donor to decide to give to the campaign, or at least contact someone working on the campaign. 

While separate from your main site, microsites in general, and capital campaign microsites more specifically, should adhere to your school’s brand guidelines with the same colors, typography, and other design elements so visitors know they are on a site created and operated by your education brand.

A well-designed capital campaign microsite should feature the following pages:

  • Homepage – Grabs the visitor’s attention and directs them to take the next step. It should be simple, engaging, and include a variety of content types.
  • About Page – Communicates why visitors should get involved and uses emotive elements like student stories or quotes.
  • Initiatives Page – Outlines the ways in which the campaign will bring change to the school with compelling copy and imagery that shows how donations will make an impact.
  • Progress Page – Uses visuals like images and video to show physical progress and make it come alive for visitors. Webcams can also be used for live streaming updates on progress.
  • News Page – Publishes gift announcements, donor stories, student stories, interviews, and media coverage of the campaign.
  • Giving Page – Acts as a landing page, removing regular navigation and consisting of a clear headline, brief summary copy, and maybe one image.

For more explanation on each of these pages, please read my post on capital campaign microsite pages.

In summary, your capital campaign microsite is an extended landing page that helps unpack the case statement of your campaign, keeping the conversation specific to the campaign itself rather than showcasing other parts of your school and its programs.   

So now that we’ve defined what a microsite is, why exactly do you need one for every capital campaign you launch?

1. Enhanced Focus

While they should always be connected back to your school’s overall mission, capital campaigns are expansive initiatives which require their own case for support and other messaging elements to motivate donors. 

Microsites offer a powerful tool to specifically target and highlight the key aspects of your capital campaign. 

By creating dedicated pages for each campaign objective, you can effectively communicate your message, engage your audience, and provide in-depth information on the initiatives and goals driving your fundraising efforts. 

This focused approach enables you to capture the attention of potential supporters and cultivate a deeper understanding of your campaign’s impact.

2. Improved Donor Experience

Capital campaigns are large projects that can last for years, which means they can get very complicated and confusing for donors on the outside looking in.

However, with the implementation of a capital campaign microsite, you have the opportunity to create an exceptional user experience catered specifically to your campaign. 

By eliminating unnecessary distractions and centering solely on the campaign content, you can offer a more immersive, engaging, and meaningful experience for potential donors. 

On your microsite, they won’t have to skim through copy and imagery about student life, financial aid, admissions, and other sections of your enrollment-focused website to get to the content they should be seeing. 

This enhanced experience encourages greater participation and support in your capital campaign.

3. Measurement and Analytics

A capital campaign microsite provides a dedicated space for meticulous tracking and in-depth analysis of campaign performance. 

By seamlessly integrating powerful analytics tools, you can gather valuable insights into visitor behavior, engagement patterns, conversion rates, and more. 

These valuable metrics will allow you to fine-tune your campaign strategies and make data-driven decisions to maximize your campaign’s impact and success.

This level of precision will prove invaluable not only for you as a marketer, but also for the campaign committee. 

They’ll need this information to make critical campaign decisions as they execute their fundraising plan.

4. Flexibility and Agility

Unlike your primary website, which may have more constraints and established structures, microsites offer the flexibility to experiment with different designs, formats, and messaging. 

This level of flexibility allows you to explore an array of creative possibilities for your campaign content. 

With the ability to iterate and adapt based on donor feedback and site analytics, microsites empower you to deliver a customized and tailored experience to your audience, resulting in a more engaging and impactful campaign.

5. Increased Brand Visibility and Recognition

Due to the complexity of capital campaign marketing, it is imperative to establish a centralized hub that serves as the nucleus for your content creation. 

This campaign hub functions as a cohesive platform from which all your campaign materials are produced, fostering consistency and efficiency.

Furthermore, your capital campaign microsite is the central hub to which you’ll drive all your traffic from social media, email, and print campaigns.

By creating a distinct microsite for your capital campaign, you can enhance your brand recognition and visibility as you reach new audiences who are not among your typical marketing personas of prospective students and their families. 

For example, some new, fresh audiences you’ll be driving to your capital campaign microsite will include prominent figures in your community, local celebrities, wealthy philanthropists, and influential community organizers. 

The targeted and focused nature of the microsite amplifies the impact of your campaign, effectively engaging your target audience in the mission of your education brand.

An Essential Tool for Capital Campaign Marketing

Capital campaign microsites are an essential tool for higher education marketers. 

They not only serve as a central hub for campaign marketing but also offer numerous advantages such as enhanced focus, improved user experience, measurement and analytics capabilities, flexibility, and increased visibility. 

By leveraging microsites, you can effectively communicate your campaign message, engage your audience, and drive the success of your capital campaign.

For more help on your capital campaign marketing efforts, please contact us today!

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