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07/02/21 Roundup: This Week’s Best Higher Ed Marketing Content


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I read and watch and listen to a lot of content throughout the week. I talk with colleagues about what is working and not working for them in order to keep learning. Each week, I share some of the highest quality higher ed marketing content. 

On Fridays, we wrap up content shared for the week along with that created by our team at Caylor Solutions in one content roundup.

From the Greater World Wide Web of Information

5 Reasons to Prioritize Data Quality in Your Email Marketing from JeffBullas.com. You’ve likely heard “quality in = quality out,” and it’s absolutely true when it comes to marketing data. Ensuring you have the right types of data entered and in the correct ways is critical to successful email marketing campaigns.

The Best Metrics to Measure Your School Marketing Strategy from Digistorm. When your team gets together to talk about metrics, what are you measuring? From channels, to conversion rates, to web traffic, Digistorm takes us through the best metrics to consider in higher ed marketing.

The TikTok Algorithm: How to Get More Views from Content Marketing Institute. TikTok isn’t only for music and dancing. Your college or university can use the fast-growing social media channel to both entertain and educate. By determining where you want to be and what trends you want to tackle, you will see engagement increase.

Why Your Logo Matters in Your Marketing from EnrollmentFUEL. There are many elements to a brand with the logo being the most visible. The team at Enrollment Fuel put together some thoughts on what and how your logo communicates.

How to Use Visual Elements in Blog Posts Effectively from JeffBullas.com. A picture is worth a thousand words – how are you using them in your blog posts? Jeff Bullas gives pointers on how to best use visual elements to truly engage your reader. 

The Best Video Formats on Instagram [New Data] from Hubspot. How can your college or university best utilize video on Instagram? There are six formats of Instagram video. Which is best? HubSpot provides new data on which format to choose.

What is Phishing and How Do You Prevent it from Business2Community. It’s highly likely you’ve received fraudulent emails or been click-baited to phishing websites. It’s important we all know what to look for so we can avoid being hacked and compromised.

Instagram Might Finally Let Users Post From Desktop from Mashable. It’s been a long time coming. From Mashable, Instagram might finally let users post from desktop. Here’s hoping it passes testing.

Content produced by the team at Caylor Solutions this week includes:

From the Caylor Solutions blog: Leveraging the Power of Storytelling in Education Marketing. No matter what new algorithm changes come down from the tech gods, knowing and answering your audience’s questions consistently boosts your search engine rankings.

From the Higher Ed Marketer podcast, Proven Strategies to Help the Next Generation Thrive with Mark McCrindle of McCrindle Research. In this episode, we discuss unique characteristics of the Alpha generation, the projected career directory of an Alpha, what the Alphas have in common with the Greatest Generation and more. 

Video: 3 Powerful Ways to Drive Enrollment With Personalized Content. If you write and create marketing content, I don’t have to tell you about the power of connection to your audience. Personalized content is about taking that concept to the next level. You’ve probably heard the advice that you should “write to one person,” because if you try to create content for everyone you’ll connect with no one. That’s good advice. But how can we do it better than we’ve done it before?


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