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3/4/22 Roundup: This Week’s Best Higher Ed Marketing Content


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Happy Friday from the team at Caylor Solutions. This week’s content roundup provides a one-stop shop for the top higher education marketing content of the week from across the Web and from our team here at Caylor.

From the greater World Wide Web:

Email Marketing Techniques that will Make Your School Stand Out From the Rest from Higher Education Marketing Solutions. Gen Z students might not check email as often as we do, but it’s critical to have email as a vibrant part of your marketing mix. This is true not only for your prospective students, but for their parents and families. My wife and I were kept in the email communication loop by only one school when our son was looking – and guess where he ended up? That’s right. At the school his mom and I were reading about regularly in our emails. These emails then triggered dinnertime conversations. Email isn’t dead.

A Simple TikTok Engagement Calculator (+5 Tips to Increase Engagement) from Hootsuite. I’ve written a few blog posts about using TikTok in your higher education digital marketing strategy. Here are some ways to determine specifics about engagement and also tips on how to increase engagement. (Hint: you’re shooting for somewhere between about 5% and 18% engagement on TikTok)

LinkedIn for Existing and Prospective School Parents and Caregivers from Digistorm. LinkedIn is one of many great tools to help prospective and current students and families stay engaged and have relationship with your school. Check out what my friends at Digistorm have laid out — including several “handy tips!” 

2022 Social Media Prediction: The Year of the Creator from Convince & Convert. Online communities (like gamers) continue to grow, user-generated and creator content will be essential, and even employee creators and employee brands will likely have more benefits than risks. The team at Convince & Convert discuss why the “creator economy” will lead the social media pulse this year.

How to Effectively Use Infographics for Data Storytelling in Education Marketing Content from Higher Education Marketing Solutions. Illustrated data helps many people understand numbers in a more visually-appealing way. From illustrating possible career paths, to depicting student outcomes, to graphically showing financial aid processes, creating effective infographics help inform and engage prospective students, their families and even current students.

How to Send the Right Message with Your Email Newsletter Design from Campaign Monitor. If your university is utilizing an email newsletter, have you revisited its design lately? The way it’s designed is critical to engage readers. This article provides some great insight into how to improve the UX and general feel of your email newsletter.

Content produced by the team at Caylor Solutions this week includes:

From the Caylor Solutions blog, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions for your Schools: Your Missing Ingredient to Drive Enrollment. If you haven’t already, there are some pretty compelling reasons to carve out a piece of your social media strategy for LinkedIn.

From the Higher Ed Marketer podcast, Connecting w/ Gen Z via Customized Community with Adam Metcalf of ZeeMee. In this episode, he explains why the key to Gen Z is community and how that unlocks a new level of engagement between schools and students.

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