I am excited to recap our roundup of the top higher education content for this week.

From the broader world wide web of information:

Instagram Reels Strategy: What Marketers Need to Know from Social Media Examiner. Consider using Instagram Reels in your overarching marketing strategy. This article from Social Media Examiner covers both the why and the how.

How to Increase Outreach Through Higher Ed Social Media Student Ambassadors from Higher Education Marketing. I’ve blogged recently about the effectiveness of using student ambassadors. This article elaborates on how to use social media student brand ambassadors.

12 Lessons Learned About Running a Virtual Conference from Inside Higher Ed. Many of us have attended virtual conferences over the past year. Some are done well, and others…not so much. This article from Inside Higher Ed highlights 12 lessons learned from conference experts.

Content produced by the team at Caylor Solutions this week includes:

How to Get More Out of Name Buys from Services like Encoura from the Caylor Solutions blog. Name buying services like Encoura are valuable resources for enrollment marketing. Here’s how to use the data more effectively. 

From the Higher Ed Marketer podcast: From TikTok to Print Ads: Innovative Marketing in Higher Education. Marketing has never been more important for institutions than it is right now. How are you able to recruit prospective students during a pandemic? How do the ways you communicate to parents and students differ during this time? Listen as we chat with Jamie Hunt, Chief Marketing Officer at Miami University of Ohio.

Video: Text Message Marketing for Higher Ed: Getting Closer to Your Audience with SMS. If there were one thing I wish more private colleges and universities were doing, it’s text message marketing. So few schools are doing it, and if they are, they’re often not doing it well. Here’s a text message marketing starter guide to get you going. 

Video: From the Caylor Solutions YouTube archives: Is Content Impacting Your Enrollment? I challenge you as enrollment and higher education marketers to generate content that answers the questions people have. You can generate a lot more leads with a lot less money. Find out how. 



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