Thankful to round out another great week here at Caylor Solutions! Today, we summarize the top higher ed marketing content from across the Web and generated here at Caylor Solutions.

From the greater World Wide Web:

How to Use a Business Pinterest Account for Marketing and Brand Growth from Neil Patel. If you’re wondering why your university needs a business Pinterest account, check out this article. It discusses why a business account on Pinterest is better than a personal account and how to use it most efficiently. 

Branding for Higher Education: How to Create a Unique and Impactful Brand in 5 Steps from Higher Education Marketing Solutions. This is good stuff! Take a look at the “non-scientific” research the author has done in determining a central brand identity for his/her alma mater and how to best refine your own university’s identity and position.

How to Master Your Video Strategy in Education Content Marketing from Higher Education Marketing Solutions. Video allows you to tell your story better. Is your college or university currently using video marketing in your strategy? Generating leads, building awareness around programs, showcasing athletics or other extracurriculars are just a few of the ways video can help. Here are more tips on how to use video marketing more effectively.

Amazing nail printing technology shared on Anthony J James’ LinkedIn profile this week. How about making this part of your homecoming celebration or even visit day? I see a lot of possibilities with school logos and spirit! I imagine a line forming and a ton of conversations after the event. 

Content produced by the team at Caylor Solutions this week includes:

From the Caylor Solutions blog, Small Enrollment Marketing Budget? 5 Tips to Get the Job Done Affordably. Numbers can be so discouraging sometimes. It’s easy to look over your enrollment marketing budget and wonder what more you could do if you only had a few more dollars to work with. Sometimes the budget is the problem. Money matters. Of course it does. But I’ve found that for many small colleges, strategy adjustments can often help those dollars go much further.

From the Higher Ed Marketer podcast, How to Improve your Institution’s Inclusion Marketing with Courtney Cannon of Gallaudet University. In this episode we discuss things such as how to decrease exclusive friction points (like captioning your webinars), the ways Gallaudet serves its diverse student community and understanding bilingualism among deaf students.

Video: Marketing Higher Education Tuition: One of the scariest parts of higher ed marketing is talking about higher education tuition costs. For better or worse, higher education tuition has become a highly politicized topic these days. No matter where you fall politically on questions like student loan forgiveness, it’s just a fact that higher education tuition can be a scary topic for prospective students and their families. Here are some guidelines for navigating this difficult topic.

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