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06/25/21 Roundup: This Week’s Best Higher Ed Marketing Content


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As we come to the close of another week, let’s review the top higher education marketing content of the week.

From the greater World Wide Web of information:

3 Facebook Ad Ideas to Get Your Content Seen by Your ‘Perfect’ Audience from Content Marketing Institute. We know that an effective way to get your content seen by your target audience is through the use of Facebook Ads. This article provides practical step-by-step information on how to make them most effective and seen by more of your “perfect” audience.

Why People Visit YouTube & How to Engage Them from Hubspot. Recent data from HubSpot suggests the top three reasons why people visit YouTube and how to engage them. Is it to learn about products? Is it for entertainment? Is it for how-to’s? Take a look.

Which Social Media Channels Do Consumers Spend the Most Time On? From Hubspot. Where exactly do our prospective students, their families, alumni and friends spend their time on social media? Hubspot not only discusses numbers in this article, but it also provides insight into how and where to dedicate your efforts.

DEI in Higher Ed Enrollment Marketing from American Marketing Association. “Without proper structures to support the success of diverse students, increasing diversity is simply funneling more students into an environment that may not enable them to thrive.”

How to Build a Content Optimization Process That Goes Way Beyond SEO from Content Marketing Institute. “To meet audience needs now, you have to optimize your content for search engines, social channels, vertical channels, industry channels, and even your own channels.” We must make information match the intent of the web user. Here’s how.

Email Sign-Offs: 18+ Examples You Can Use to Leave a Lasting Impression from Business2Community. Have you ever considered the way you sign off an email? It can make a big difference in the response you may (or may not) receive. Check out this article offering 18 examples and reasons why the email sign off is important. 

How the Evolution of Online Learning is Driving New Market Opportunities from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. Online learning has been growing for decades. Is your college or university serving your current and prospective students in new markets and with new methods?

5 Key Principles of Website Usability from The Crazy Egg. Accessibility, user-friendliness, and clarity are all musts for #website usability. This article presents more principles of website usability.

Content produced by the team at Caylor Solutions this week includes:

From the Caylor Solutions blog, 3 Powerful Ways to Drive Enrollment with Personalized Content. If you write and create marketing content, I don’t have to tell you about the power of connection to your audience. Personalized content is about taking that concept to the next level. Here are three ways to use personalization to drive enrollment.

From the Higher Ed Marketer Podcast, Finding Unique Identifiers: Marketing & Small Colleges with Dan Sanchez. Dan Sanchez, Director of Audience Growth at SweetFish Media and formerly from Bethany Global University, talks about his past and current successes within marketing. Covering topics like student targeting, marketing operations on a budget and more.

Video: Why Storytelling Marketing Is Key to Attracting Your School’s Target Audiences. In general, human beings are wired to learn through stories. Our brains tend to view everything in our experience around the basic story structure of beginnings, middles and endings. Find out how to use these stories in your higher education marketing.

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