An overview of the best higher ed marketing content of this week.

From the greater World Wide Web of information:

Marketing to Millennial Parents: What Your School Should Know from Digistorm. You may have already figured out that you’re now marketing to millennial parents. The team at Digistorm covers parenting styles, smartphone usage and more of this next generation of parents.

Small Private Colleges Have a Mixed Year in Admissions from Inside Higher Ed. Insight into enrollment for some small private colleges so far this summer from Inside Higher Ed. What is your college or university doing creatively for the Fall of ’21 to enroll more students?

Have You Ever Wanted to Market in a More Authentic Way? Here is How To Do It – Become a Better Storyteller from Enrollify. In an environment where we are often asked to do more with less, how do we distinguish ourselves from the rest of the market? One way is to tell better stories. Take a look at this article from Enrollify.

The Email Marketing Checklist: 30 Things for Every Successful Campaign from SendX. From avoiding spam filters, to length, to professional templates, here are 30 things to keep in mind when you send out your next email marketing campaign. 

The 5 Best New Fonts to Use in Google Docs from Fast Company. Do you use Google Docs on a regular basis? I know I do. Fast Company put out an article featuring the best five new fonts to use in the free word processor. It’s your fun read for the day – take a look! 

User Experience is the Difference Between Mediocre and Next-Level Search Marketing from Search Engine Land. A positive user experience is the now and the future of helping your target audiences get things done while meeting your marketing KPIs.

Content produced by the team at Caylor Solutions this week includes:

From the Caylor Solutions blog: Why Storytelling Marketing is Key to Attracting Your School’s Target Audiences. In college marketing, there are facts and figures that interest the audiences you’re trying to reach. But if you want them to really get it, storytelling marketing is key.

From the Higher Ed Marketer Podcast, Our Top Ten Tips from Ten Extraordinary Episodes. Whether you’re brand new to listening, or have been here since the beginning, you don’t have to search for the best nuggets of information…because they’re all in this episode, hand selected for you!

Video: Every marketing plan has an expiration date. When was the last time you revised yours? Here are some helpful thoughts to optimize your marketing plan revisions for higher enrollment results.


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