Fun fact: June 11 is “Corn on the Cob Day.” Who knew there was such a day? So, as you head into this weekend, grab an ear of corn and take a look a this week’s top higher ed marketing content of the week!

From the greater World Wide Web of information:

How the Pandemic is Affecting College Enrollment of New High School Grads from Higher Ed Dive. A closer look at how the pandemic  has affected higher ed enrollment. 

How to Use LinkedIn for Higher Education from Keystone Academic Solutions. A dive into using LinkedIn to help relate to your prospective students and to use it as an extension of many of your offices on campus, particularly alumni relations. 

Targeting in Google Ads for Schools: How to Zero In on your Prospects from Higher Education Marketing. This article is packed with excellent information about the types of Google Ads your school should know about, demographics and targeting methods for Google ads, audience types, retargeting and more. 

Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs a Conversion Funnel (and How It Works) from Unbounce. As you look at the “conversion funnel,” the end result is not necessarily “buy” in higher education. Rather, it’s “enroll.” Unbounce highlights reasons why having this funnel mapped out along with a content strategy can boost matriculation.  

Content produced by the team at Caylor Solutions this week includes:

From the Caylor Solutions blog, How to Make Marketing Plan Revisions. When’s the last time you revised your marketing plan? Here are some helpful thoughts to optimize your marketing plan revisions for higher enrollment results.

From the Higher Ed Marketer Podcast, Accessible Admissions Starts with Reducing Friction. In this week’s episode, we chat with James Steen, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Houston Baptist University, about how Houston Baptist went test-optional, and how they’ve been able to communicate the benefits of such a critical decision. We also discuss how test-optional makes admissions more accessible, how to approach merit awards without test scores and more. 

Video: Best practices in social media advertising and marketing can change fast. These platforms are constantly evolving, as are attitudes about them. It seems like what’s “in” and what’s “out” fluctuates daily as networks rise and fall in popularity. So where are we now, in the middle of 2021?

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