As we close out this week, I wanted to recap some of the best higher ed marketing content we’ve been reading and producing this week.

From the greater World Wide Web of information:

Featured Snippets: 15 Proven Strategies to Rank in Position Zero from SEO Sherpa. This article provides a detailed guide to everything you need to know about featured snippets: from what a featured snippet is to how to get your content to appear in “position 0.” The article also has a downloadable PDF. 

Another Uncertain Admissions Cycle for International Students from Inside Higher Ed. Student interest and logistics cause uncertainty for both colleges and international students. Learn more about why and how in this article from Inside Higher Ed.

6 Steps to Better DIY School Campus Photography from Digistorm. We all understand the importance of high-quality photography for our campus marketing materials, but sometimes hiring a professional just isn’t feasible. Here are some tips on how to make your DIY photography better.

5 Mistakes that Google Doesn’t Like and How to Stop Making them from Content Marketing Institute. What might be going on with your website that Google doesn’t like? Poor quality content with all the right keywords doesn’t make the cut for Google search rankings. 

TikTok Trends: How to Leverage Trending Content for Business from Social Media Examiner. How can you leverage #TikTok trends for more exposure for your college, university or independent K12 school? Check out this article.

Content produced by the team at Caylor Solutions this week includes:

Leveraging Educational Videos for Higher Ed Marketing from the Caylor Solutions blog. Giving away your academic expertise might be one of the best ways to cultivate prospective students into current, paying students. Here’s how to leverage educational videos for higher ed marketing!

From the Higher Ed Marketer Podcast, Messaging for the Individual: How Data Can Help You Create Engaging Stories (Part 1). This week, we sat down with Christine Harper, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management at the University of Kentucky, and Julie Balog, Chief Marketing Officer at the University of Kentucky to talk about utilizing data to drive segmentation in messaging, engaging undecided students using data and more.

Video: 7 Higher Ed Video Marketing Strategy Ideas. With over a year of living under the threat of COVID-19, video consumption among Gen Z prospective students has only increased. Take advantage of these higher ed video marketing strategy ideas to ride the wave of education marketing’s future!


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