Welcome to the first Higher Ed Content Roundup of Spring! 

From the broader world wide web of information:

How to Craft the Perfect Homepage for Your Higher Education Website from Higher Education Marketing. Over the years, I’ve discussed the most important elements for a higher ed website and most effective navigational structure. This article specifically outlines key features for a successful homepage.

4 Key Questions to Ask When Choosing a School App from Digistorm. Enrollment managers, retention officers, alumni relations folks, and advancement officers may benefit from a school app. From news, to notices, to extracurricular, apps can streamline communication. Here are four questions to ask when considering an app.

Sonic Branding Tips for the 4 Major Social Media Platforms from Business 2 Community. Excellent article on the use of sound and its importance in our social media marketing.

How to Implement a Social Media Marketing Strategy for Schools from Higher Education Marketing. In one of my recent blogs about crafting a higher ed messaging strategy, I covered the importance of institutional and marketing personas. This article also highlights their importance in creating your social media marketing strategy.

Content produced by the team at Caylor Solutions this week includes:

From the Caylor Solutions blog: The #1 Reason Your Last Capital Campaign Struggled and How to Fix It. When it comes to your next higher ed capital campaign, failure isn’t an option. Goals and timelines are set, procedures are followed. When goals aren’t met, campaigns extend. They evolve. But publicly, capital campaigns in higher ed never “fail,” because they can’t be allowed to. 

From the Higher Ed Marketer podcast: Building Stronger Relationships Using Data with JP Spagnolio. Marketing revolves around relationships. And the best way to strengthen those relationships and connect with prospects on a deeper level is through data. In this episode, JP Spagnolo, VP of Strategic Enrollment Management and Marketing at Capital University, joins the podcast to share how building relationships through data helps craft clear, compelling, and resonant marketing messages.

Video: How to Create a Higher Ed Messaging Strategy. It’s possible to generate tons of content every year and still get poor results in your enrollment numbers. See how a strong higher ed messaging strategy can boost your content’s performance.

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