Let’s take a look at the best higher ed marketing content from this week.

From the broader world wide web of information:

School Website Design Trends to Watch in 2021 from Digistorm. From serif fonts to the direction in which your higher ed website scrolls, take a look at these tips from the folks at Digistorm regarding design trends for your school’s website. 

How to Host a Successful Open House in 2021 from Digistorm. Spring is nearly here, and most independent K12 schools, colleges and universities are looking to host visit days and open houses. My colleagues at Digistorm highlight what to consider regarding in-person, virtual or hybrid events.

If You Could Reform Admissions… from Inside Higher Ed. “The National Association for College Admission Counseling has just created a commission to rethink the entire admissions process ‘through a racial equity lens.'” Read more about the three priority areas for the commission.

Content produced by the team at Caylor Solutions this week includes:

From the Caylor Solutions blog: Basics of Higher Ed Copywriting. Content marketing is proven to get more inbound inquiries from prospective students. But how do you turn those prospects into enrolled students? Learn how copywriting can help you achieve your enrollment goals.

From the Higher Ed Marketer podcast: Creating an Adaptable Brand Promise in the Age of Social Media. In this week’s podcast, we sat down for a chat with Deedie Dowdle, Vice President for Communications and Marketing at DePauw University about many things, including working internally to create university marketing campaigns, creating a brand promise that captures your university’s core values, and more.

Video: Are you more likely to open and respond to an email where someone has recorded and sent you a personalized video? In my experience, using tools like BombBomb to create video email allows you to stand out above the others. Here are five ways to utilize video email to connect.

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