I am constantly learning.

I read. I watch. I listen. I have frequent conversations with people from my own industry and others in order to broaden my knowledge base. And, each week I share with you some of the most quality content in marketing and higher education marketing I’ve found.

In order to see it all in a one-stop-shop sort of roundup, we’re starting a weekly post to summarize the best in higher ed marketing content for the week.

Social Media Marketing Success: Building a Sound Strategy from Business2Community. Most of us understand the fact that building a sound social media strategy will boost our overall digital success. Here are a few things you may not yet know that could be hurting your social presence. https://buff.ly/2N2eUID

Strategic Enrollment Planning to Recruit for Fall 2020 & Beyond from Credo Higher Ed. The team at Credo interviewed several enrollment officers about strategic enrollment planning. Check out what they have to say about pivoting during the pandemic. https://www.credohighered.com/blog/strategic-enrollment-planning-to-recruit-for-fall-2021-beyond

5 Ways to Make an Impact with a School App from Digistorm. If you’ve been considering an app for your school but haven’t taken the leap, this post from Digistorm might just be the extra bump you need. From streamlining communication to sending push notifications, an app can help you better connect. https://blog.digistorm.com/5-impactful-school-app-uses

This is the Way: Lessons from Disney+ on virtual engagement from Inside Higher Ed. I am a sucker for posts relating to pop culture. Inside Higher Ed parallels The Mandalorian and WandaVision with successful higher ed institutions “hosting a series of on-demand content available at any time while creating consistent reasons to engage.” 

Content produced by the team at Caylor Solutions this week includes:

This week was the launch of the Higher Ed Marketer Podcast. Check out the very first episode with Ethan Braden of Purdue University addressing the topic of driving affinity through innovative marketing at universities. 

Text Message Marketing for Higher Ed: Getting Closer to Your Audience with SMS. If there were one thing I wish more private colleges and universities were doing, it’s text message marketing. https://www.caylor-solutions.com/text-message-marketing/

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