Loma Linda University

“Heroes Made Here” Branding Campaign

Key Benefits


Cohesive University Messaging

LLU now has a powerful message to unify its eight schools, each of which had previously been marketing independently.


Increased Enrollment Potential

Campaign creative may now be utilized by LLU’s central marketing team to drive enrollment to all schools.


Loma Linda University is a private health sciences university associated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Located in Loma Linda, in the area of Los Angeles, California, the university is affiliated with six hospitals and numerous clinics serving the public throughout the region.

The Challenge

LLU sought to increase enrollment across its eight health science schools. Following a marketing audit performed in partnership with Credo in 2019, we produced a Discovery Findings Report that summarized significant challenges to increasing overall enrollment.

The university’s approach to marketing had evolved as a decentralized one. Schools for diverse areas of health science ranged from Medical Science to Pharmacy, Dentistry and Religion (offering bioethics and chaplaincy programs). Each was marketing itself more or less independently.

This led to brand confusion. Rather than bring to mind one university that unified the schools, the name Loma Linda was more often associated with the hospital system. 

Yet, it did have a central, unifying mission, “To continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ.” The goal was to build on LLU’s existing name recognition to produce strong, central messaging to drive overall enrollment to the university.


The Solution

We began by creating a messaging strategy in the fall of 2019 that would position the university as uniquely combining health, science and faith. 

We helped articulate LLU’s central value as a health sciences university focused on developing the whole person, training professionals to serve broad medical needs while tending to their own spiritual and emotional well-being.

LLU was not ready to take immediate action. Then, in the spring of 2020, the novel coronavirus pandemic introduced into public consciousness a new descriptor for these professionals: heroes. We realized LLU’s value proposition was now coalescing around a focused image. 

The university was not just preparing professionals to care for others and themselves. It was making healthcare heroes.

Once we finalized our messaging direction, the next step was to develop creative that would support the new tagline with the established brand and plan a campaign to deliver the message.

Creative included:

  • Mood board incorporating the new tagline into Web, print and outdoor design.
  • Landing page to which all campaign elements would point (llu.edu/heroes).
  • Email marketing series that incorporated the new messaging into informative content.
  • Radio commercial for regional broadcast.
  • Promotional video for OTT TV and Web. 

“Thank you so much for co-creating this with me. I’m so happy about the results and I very much appreciate all of the dedication and hard work that you and your team members did to get us where we are today.” 

– Anna-Maja Dahlgren, Director of University Marketing

The Result

Loma Linda University now has a powerful platform through which they can feed their central and school-specific enrollment funnels.

At the time of writing, just weeks into the campaign, LLU reports the campaign is already beginning to drive traffic to the landing page. We will update this case study if and when we hear more about their progress over the coming months and into 2021.

Through traditional and digital marketing, we’re confident LLU will build on this momentum to focus the LLU brand on an enticing value proposition: Whatever you feel called to do in health sciences, come prepare yourself for your exciting career here, where heroes are made.