CMS Research Consulting

Key Benefits


CMS Solutions

Rose-Hulman was able to leverage the experience of Caylor Solution in various CMS platforms as well as our vast network of clients to search and vet content management system solutions.


Time and Resource Savings

The institute saved internal time and resources to allow them to continue to focus on the marketing of the institution rather than the methodical and often tedious research associated with the project.


Business Solutions

The administration was able to review briefs and reports to help make quicker decisions on a major investment for the institution.


Insight & Understanding

The process provided greater insight into the vendors, both successes and shortcomings, that added a deeper level of understanding.

In its 18th consecutive year as “America’s No. 1 ranked undergraduate engineering college,” the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is a hard working private higher education institution with an impressive faculty as well. With a motto as frank as “Labor and Science,” Rose-Hulman is quick to get the job done right for its students and prospective students.

The Challenge

The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology needed to upgrade their content management system. They realized the process would involve a deep understanding of the challenges of higher education content management coupled with their unique needs and internal processes.

Rose-Hulman’s enrollment and marketing team had the work ethic to complete the project, but they needed a partner to come alongside their internal team to provide leadership in the vetting of multiple options.

The Solution

Caylor Solutions worked with Rose-Hulman to understand their website needs and content management processes. Caylor listened, asked questions, and reviewed the current challenges and successes that the institute had with their current system.

Working with both the internal marketing team and the information technology team, Caylor worked out a requirements document and plan that everyone could agree upon.

Once the requirements were accepted, Caylor sought to vet several third-party vendors for consideration. Working from industry experience, networked contacts, and those solutions that Rose-Hulman was particularly interested in, Caylor began by assembling ten potential solutions from the many available. Through research, interviews, and observations, Caylor eventually edited the list of possible CMS systems to three top candidates.

Caylor then thoroughly interviewed each of the top candidates on behalf of the institution to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of the solution. Working from a matrix, Caylor ranked the final, vetted vendors and presented to Rose-Hulman as a final report.

Caylor then worked with Rose-Hulman on the final face-to-face interviews of the final three candidates and helped the institution determine the final vendor to negotiate the contract.

Caylor’s approach and partnership saved the institution valuable resources and time while tapping into the larger capabilities Caylor provided.

The Result

Caylor provided expertise and a methodical process to find a content management solution that was a perfect fit for the needs of Rose-Hulman. Caylor’s approach and partnership saved the institution valuable resources and time while tapping into the larger capabilities Caylor provided. The result was a seamless process for the marketing team and administration to make a well-informed and educated decision on their major investment for the new website.