Website Redevelopment & Membership Software

Key Benefits


Search and process event registrations

Members have been thrilled with the enhanced member benefits, including the ability to search and process event registrations online.


Custom search tool

Prospective students and parents now have the ability to interact with a custom search tool to find member schools that match their criteria; including location, size, majors, and athletic opportunities.


Manage data

NACCAP staff now have a concise system to manage data with a website that works for them.

With over 120 Christian College Fairs representing over 250 members, the North American Coalition for Christian Admissions Professionals (NACCAP) found it difficult keeping their website content current and serve their members online. They needed a solution that worked for them instead of them working for it.

The Challenge

NACCAP was overwhelmed with the work that was involved organizing and managing the website and keeping current with over 120 Christian College Fairs representing 250 members. They needed a solution that worked for them instead of them working for it.

The Solution

NACCAP shot darts at a yellow pages book, and called whomever the dart hit. No matter how many darts they threw, and how many calls they made, they couldn’t find anyone willing to listen to them and their needs. Everyone had their boilerplate methods, but NACCAP needed more than cookie-cutter answers. That’s when they found Caylor Solutions.

From Ideas to Action: How NACCAP found Caylor Solutions

With a solid reputation for excellence in the Christian College and University arena, it wasn’t hard for Chant Thompson, Executive Director of NACCAP, to find Caylor Solutions. After hearing Bart speak at the Taylor University Enrollment Summit, he asked Bart to share his presentation at NACCAP events—and another trusted relationship was born.

When NACCAP wanted to move beyond theory and begin updating their own website, they knew Caylor Solutions had the knowledge and expertise to deliver.

Caylor Solutions’ founder and president Bart Caylor took the time to listen to them and understand their situation.

The Result

While originally engaged to simply redesign the site, it quickly became apparent that NACCAP needed more. In a discovery process with the entire NACCAP staff, Caylor Solutions was able to understand the processes behind what was going into their websites and design the best solution for their situation.

Caylor Solutions researched, vetted, and presented options for an Association Membership System.

The AMS provided a robust member management tool to provide a streamlined management system, enhanced benefits, and self-management for members, a central database for staff, and reduced overhead in both time and technology. The AMS was integrated with a student/parent website to keep the data up-to-date and to promote the Christian College Fairs.