Marian University

Website Redesign

Key Benefits


Enrollment increase

Enrollment increase of 11% year-over-year.


Record-breaking results

Record traditional freshman class enrollment. Freshman class from more states (17) than ever before.


Improved navigation

Better navigation and organization for the end user.


Brand authority

Clarity of brand and unique selling proposition.

For over 80 years, Marian University has been a leader in Catholic higher education in central Indiana. Marian University proudly instructs students “within the context of [the] Franciscan values of dignity of the individual, peace and justice, reconciliation, and responsible stewardship.”

The Challenge

Creating a website that enhanced Marian University’s enrollment efforts.

Marian University needed a strategic enrollment plan for their website. Their website had fallen prey to the common trap of trying to serve all the many audiences of higher education marketing.

To improve their enrollment efforts, they would need to focus their website to show the clear benefits of the private, Catholic university in the heart of Indianapolis.

“We had an amazing team working together this year and that includes you and all your work on our web site. Thank you!”
– Luann Brames, Director of Freshmen Admission, Marian University

The Solution

Develop a focused website that would clearly communicate the brand benefits of Marian University to prospective students.

Caylor Solutions began the website redesign project by opening discussions with the various stakeholders in the university such as the president’s office, marketing, development, alumni, academics, and enrollment.

By listening to the various teams of the staff explain the unique benefits, methods, and values of Marian University, Caylor Solutions was able to craft a digital marketing strategy for their new website that would support their enrollment efforts.

“…was one of the best college sites we visited. It was easy to navigate and allowed us to find the exact content for which we were looking.”

– Parent of Incoming Freshman Student


The Results

Throughout the listening, thinking, and creation phases, Caylor Solutions provided…

  • A strategic review of existing website compared to best practices in higher education.
  • A website concept and strategy based upon campus research and brand discovery to create a site to clearly communicate the brand benefits to clearly communicate the distinctives to the site audience.
  • A full navigation audit and reorganization based upon brand benefits, enrollment focus, and usability.
  • A redesign of the site based upon strategy.

To serve their ongoing needs, Caylor Solutions vetted development partners to help the Marian IT staff implement the data solutions they needed to integrate with the new website.