Lumina Foundation for Education

Marketing Campaign

Key Benefits


Nimble and creative thinking

Caylor provided a creative approach to communicating Lumina’s goals.


A clear and effective brand mark

The new mark clearly and concisely communicated the message that Lumina wanted delivered.

Lumina Foundation strengthens their marketing message and sparks a movement with Caylor Solutions.

The Challenge

Communicating the goal and inspiring action.

There are few organizations more visionary and disruptive than Lumina Foundation. With a lofty mission to make “opportunities for learning beyond high school available to all,” Lumina Foundation works tirelessly to design more accessible, equitable ways for students to get financing and more productive instruction methods.

Gutsy and bold, Lumina Foundation laid out Goal 2025: that 60% of Americans would hold degrees, certificates or other high-quality postsecondary credentials by 2025. And while the goal itself was quite clear, the communications about the goal were clouded and confusing.

Lumina Foundation’s marketing messaging simply called it the “Big Goal.” But the name and way the goal was being communicated did nothing to educate, inspire, or create desire to participate.

Finding a Trusted Partner

With a relationship going back several years, Lumina Foundation knew that Caylor Solutions was the creative partner they needed to meet the challenge and help them reach Goal 2025.

Over the years, Caylor Solutions and Lumina Foundation had built a strong collaborative environment in which both organizations could discuss and share information freely and honestly. With a trusted partnership based on real results and honesty, choosing Caylor Solutions was simply the right choice.

The Solution

Listening. Thinking. Creating.

Caylor Solutions began the listening phase through discussions with the communication team and the Vice President of Communications, and it was determined that a brand mark was needed that could provide a clear differentiation and a point around which to rally a campaign.

Initial ideas focused on creating a “shorthand” of the goal statement – 60% by 2025. The creative solution that was reached was to include the 60% into a typographical mark of “Goal 2025.”

Thus, the Goal 2025 logo was created and the marketing campaign launched around it.

“Caylor has been instrumental in making a difference for our Foundation.”
– Kiko Suarez, Vice President,Communications & External Affairs, Lumina Foundation


“Caylor has been instrumental in making a difference for our Foundation.”

– Kiko Suarez, Vice President,Communications & External Affairs
Lumina Foundation

The Result

The brand mark, or “logo,” provided a simple and effective way for the audience to clearly understand the goal and direction with minimal effort. The marketing campaign further introduced the goal and has since developed into a viral and grassroots effort engaging students, policy makers, and grantees alike, becoming a flagship for the foundation.

Review the Lumina Foundation website on Goal 2025 for more information.