Indiana Wesleyan University

Social Media Consulting

Key Benefits


Improved Relevance

More relevant social media posts for the institution.


Customized Content Plan

A content plan that is customized for the institution to build engagement and improve SEO results.



Tools to regularly post content to social media channels through marketing automation. Monthly parent email newsletter that is sent out to self-managed list automatically each month, requiring no additional staff time to produce.


Empowered Team

Empowered team to build upon initial project to develop more content and automation tasks to enhance the school’s social media marketing.

Indiana Wesleyan University has been committed to changing the world through graduating leaders ready to lead in their areas of focus since 1920. By helping students’ find their individual purpose and life calling and helping them develop in character, scholarship and leadership, IWU is distinguishing itself as an innovator in Christian higher education.

The Challenge

Indiana Wesleyan University was using social media much like most institutions: a megaphone for news and events. But they wanted to embrace a more strategic way of engaging on social media for the benefit of prospective students and parents.

Recognizing their need for help to develop a strategy that would include both social media and content, they began looking for a digital marketing partner with expertise in social media marketing.


The Solution

Caylor Solutions worked with IWU to review and establish the goals of the engagement. Upon meeting with key contributors to both social media and marketing content, Caylor developed a comprehensive plan that organized an editorial calendar of future content, both original and curated, into key messaging categories. Caylor then developed out the editorial calendar based upon audience demographics and social media channels.

In addition, Caylor Solutions assisted IWU with an automation plan to better manage their social media sharing and content promotion. This included marketing automation tools for social media, blog posting, and email newsletters. The content and social media staff was trained and coached for several months to assure best practices were embraced.


The content and social media staff was trained and coached for several months to assure best practices were embraced.

The Result

The end result was a content strategy that provided valuable and timely content for the social media channels. The staff was empowered to work on content months in advance, creating the best content to answer the questions prospective students and parents have about the school. The staff was also empowered to build relationships on social media while automation tools provided additional time and clarity.

Tangential results included an increase in Google search results for keywords that were addressed in content and a self-managed subscription system for the parent newsletter.