Carolina College of Biblical Studies

Inbound Marketing Program

Key Benefits


Increased Lead Volume

The enrollment office continues to receive more inquiries per month from prospective students who are downloading the ebook.


Higher Search Engine Ranking

CCBS content now consistently ranks high on the first page of search engine results.


More Efficient and Economical Marketing

Minimal marketing staff can do so much more while spending less of their marketing budget through user-friendly, self-service marketing tools.

Located in the balmy sandhills of North Carolina, Carolina College of Biblical Studies (CCBS) endeavors to “educate followers of Christ to be the most effective servants they can be.” Since 1973, CCBS has not only instructed students to accurately study the Word of God, they’ve trained servants to meet the practical challenges of today’s ministry leader.

As an unapologetic Bible School, intentionally limiting their academic scope to that of the ministry, CCBS relies heavily on digital inbound marketing to reach new prospective students who are seeking a deeper understanding of Jesus or training for their vocational ministry.

The Challenge

A successful inbound marketing strategy requires frequently published content that will attract new leads. But each time the small marketing team of Carolina College of Biblical Studies updated their old website, they had to put in a support ticket with the website’s developers. When the developers were finally able to respond and modify the site, CCBS would promptly receive yet another bill.

If they couldn’t wait the normal two weeks to change the site or didn’t have the budget for changes, they would have to learn complicated HTML coding languages to perform the updates themselves.

This convoluted, stressful system led to content publication delays, budget strains, and worst of all, few to no inquires resulting from their digital marketing efforts.

The Solution

Caylor Solutions began the discovery phase with a series of listening sessions with Dean of Online Studies, Chris Dickerson and Director of Online Admissions, Bethany Minich to find out what was missing from their inbound marketing strategy. From the start, Chris and Bethany sensed that Caylor Solutions had an in-depth understanding of the needs and goals of biblical higher education.

Our team began by migrating the CCBS website to WordPress, an accessible platform, using a powerful supertheme that would give their marketing staff the ability to customize the site without learning complex code. As we built the site, we worked with their team on clarifying the school’s brand and audience.

We then created an ebook to drive traffic to the site and set them up with Sharpspring, a marketing automation tool, to monitor and interact with the leads that would come. We helped them develop an ongoing content marketing workflow that would make it possible for their small team to publish lead generation content consistently.

“Bart is on the cutting edge with knowing what’s going on with marketing, and that’s an ever-changing organism. What works today doesn’t work tomorrow. Bart stays on top of that, which I appreciate, because I can trust that he knows what’s happening in marketing.” – Chris Dickerson, Dean of Online Studies

“We’ve had students that have started on campus and a few online as well! It’s definitely increased our quantity of leads per month and our brand recognition and exposure for the online program.”

– Bethany Minich, Director of Online Admissions

The Result

Now, the Carolina College of Biblical Studies website is on the first page of search engine results for Bible colleges in North Carolina, their office is getting more inquiries into the school than before, and students are now enrolled who began their CCBS journey by downloading the ebook.

For Chris and Bethany, the day-to-day operations are beautifully simple.

They can now upload and publish their content (including brand new web pages) within minutes rather than waiting for two weeks on the website developer—and without fear of being gouged with another bill. And if they ever need help, Caylor Solutions is just an email away.