Website & Consulting

Key Benefits


Brand authority

ABHE’s website now reflects the organization’s professionalism and commitment to excellence, which is a part of their unique brand.


Creative solutions cost

Time and costs were managed with conference calls and online collaboration.


Simple and easy content updates

Making basic text changes, uploading videos or creating pages is now simple and easy for the ABHE staff.


High engagement

ABHE now has a highly engaging site that appeals to all of their constituencies: prospective students, member schools and those interested in learning more about Biblical Higher Education.

The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) is an association of leading Bible Colleges in the U.S. and Canada. Tired of being the “association their members lived with,” they wanted to become the “association their members could not live without.” To achieve that goal, they needed a better digital strategy and web platform.

The Challenge

Like many associations today, ABHE was frustrated with the poor results they were seeing from their digital marketing.

They had a website and a few social media accounts. But they knew they could get more out of their digital marketing…

  • Traffic to the website was slow and plateaued.
  • Social media engagement was inconsistent and their number of followers dwindling.
  • Their marketing efforts were scattered without a cohesive digital marketing strategy.
  • Staff members hated posting new content due to the complicated website technology and processes.
  • Visitors stopped coming back to the site because the content was never changed.

Partnering with Caylor Solutions through friendship and trust.

As a high-quality association dedicated to excellence, ABHE President Ralph Enlow wanted to partner with a marketing solutions provider whom he could trust with the ABHE brand. There were so many marketing agencies out there, but he wanted a team with more than talent.

He wanted a team that truly understood ABHE and their members.

A mutual friend introduced Dr. Enlow to Bart Caylor, founder of Caylor Solutions. When Dr. Enlow saw that Bart and the Caylor Solution’s team had the expertise to show him what ABHE was doing right and where they could enhance their communications and marketing, he brought them in on the project.

The Solution

The Caylor Solution always begins with listening.

Caylor spent time learning, understanding, and getting to know their team. With visits to the Orlando campus, as well as engagement with member presidents, Caylor Solutions created a phased digital and web strategy that would fit their budget and grow over the course of time.
“Caylor and his team have attentively listened and skillfully guided us along a path that will shift our association’s web and social media presence from a static liability to a dynamic asset.

Bart doesn’t merely perform a service or deliver a product. Instead, he and his team help by upgrading our team’s capacity to master and sustain leverage of these tools and media for mission fulfillment. He is accessible and responsive; his congeniality complements his capability.

I’m truly grateful for the mutual friend who connected us with Bart. He is proving to be a game changer for us and for our member colleges.”

– Dr. Ralph Enlow, President, ABHE

Partnering with Caylor Solutions through friendship and trust.

The Result

A dynamic, responsive website that makes both the association and its membership proud.

Key Features:
  • Customized Google map highlighting member institution locations at a glance,
  • Dynamic news and event content,
  • A president’s blog tied into social media automation,
  • eCommerce integrations for ABHE online donations and store,
  • 360 degree photography of their facility, and
  • Rich content and media such as images and video resources for members