Knowledge Center Website

Key Benefits


Organized resource solution

Members gain access to thought leaders in a trusted, centralized place with 24/7 access.


Ease of use

Filterable, searchable knowledge base for ease of member access.



Easy to expand as resources grow.

The mission of the Association for Biblical Higher Education is to enhance the quality and credibility of postsecondary educational institutions that distinctively engage students in biblical, transformational, experiential, and missional higher education. ABHE comprises a network of more than 200 institutions of biblical higher education in Canada and the United States. ABHE is constantly looking for ways to support and bring more value to their members.

The Challenge

ABHE’s president, Dr. Ralph Enlow, is a longtime thought leader in Biblical Higher Education. Over the years of his distinguished career, he has gathered hundreds of resources regarding a wide variety of topics from board governance to presidential leadership to financial best practices and more. He often sent these resources upon request, but they were not generally available to ABHE’s constituents.

Dr. Enlow and the ABHE leadership had the vision of creating a Knowledge Center that would centralize this repository of resources, making them accessible to ABHE members and friends. This repository needed to allow members and friends to easily find the resources that would be most helpful to them.

The Solution

Caylor Solutions worked with ABHE to develop a WordPress-based Knowledge Center that included all of their desired features. The Knowledge Center allows ABHE constituents to access this valuable information on their own, 24/7, making this an efficient method of acquiring the resources they need. In addition, the Knowledge Center reduces the time that Dr. Enlow and his team spend answering individual requests for resources.

The Knowledge Center is easily maintained in-house and can be expanded over time. It provides the flexibility of different access levels, and even allows for the possibility of monetizing the Knowledge Center in the future.

“The Knowledge Center brings a significant value-added feature to our website.
You couldn’t find a better team to work with.
Caylor has a can-do spirit; they listen well; and they make it happen.”

~David Medders, Executive Vice President

The Result

ABHE’s constituents are able to engage even more readily with ABHE and its resources. ABHE has added additional value to its members, enhancing ABHE’s reputation as the go-to source in Biblical Higher Education.