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I recently came across a thought-provoking and well crafted blog post by Dr. Robin Baker, president of George Fox University. He recently met with several faculty around campus and encouraged them to consider the following question: How should we at George Fox respond to the challenging economic, social and cultural changes developing in our culture?

I appreciate the thoughtful and public discussion George Fox University has started in this post. I agree with Dr. Phil Smith’s reply and especially in his statement:

Higher education is in transition. Many influential people do not see the value of liberal education or Christian education. We must argue urgently that there is value here, value worth support.

Those who believe in private higher education, let alone especially those in faith-based schools, have the responsibility to communicate that value. Not only in the quality of the product, but in the clarity of the message and all aspects of the benefits of each individual college’s unique brand brings to the table.

Every institution has a story to tell. Tell it well and with conviction and the like-minded will be drawn.

The value is there. The support is there. The dots have to be connected.