Recent press has shown that there is an opportunity for U.S. colleges and universities — especially smaller, private schools —  to do a better job of recruiting international students. The article from the Express Tribune, a Pakistani newspaper, tells the story of the growing frustration of students unable to understand the U.S. College Admissions process and often not getting the counseling they need.

In Pakistan, a grassroots effort has birthed to address these issues. Nationals (who are often alumni of U.S. colleges) are assisting other potential students in navigating the admission process.

“Just like one size does not fit everyone, one answer does not answer all queries. We address every student in an individual capacity to connect them with the right people who can help them overcome situations they themselves have gone through,” Ali Khalid Chaudhry of Possibilities Pakistan told The Express Tribune.

Grassroots organizations are needed throughout the world to better educate and communicate the process.

How could your admissions department utilize such a program, even stateside? Is there a way to facilitate these discussions in a digital way — and in a way that could be managed by the institution to better convey the school brand and to add to the applicant funnel in a more meaningful and measurable way?

How are you catering to your international prospects? How are you leveraging your alumni in your admissions process?

International Flags image via quiddle on Flickr